Climate-neutral Steelmaking in Europe: Green Steel project final report available

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The steel industry is responsible for around 7% of the global CO2 emissions; hence the decarbonisation of this sector plays a key role in achieving the European Union's (EU) climate goals for 2050.

The Green Steel for Europe (GREENSTEEL) project provides insights and recommendations for effective solutions for clean steelmaking suitable for the EU to achieve the 2030 climate and energy targets and implementing the 2050 long-term strategy for a climate-neutral Europe. With ten partners (including a think tank, research and technology organisations as IDONIAL, a European industrial association, and a European technology platform), the project consortium relies on the best mix of skills and expertise and allows for full coverage of the EU Member States and steelmaking installations.

The key outcomes of GREENSTEEL include:

-An analysis of the technologies aiming at decarbonising the steel industry and a proposal for framework conditions to reach this goal;

- A proposal for blending and sequencing of public and private funding sources for the decarbonisation of the EU steel industry;

-Policy recommendations to foster the decarbonisation of the EU steel industry; and the active engagement of relevant EU stakeholders

- dissemination of the project findings to the public.


Download the report here!


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