As a fundamental basis for effective management based on continuous improvement, the IDONIAL Foundation has a Quality Management System and R & D & i, certified by AENOR, according to the ISO 9001 and UNE 166002 standards, in all its work centers.


These systems provide the organization with a framework for the development of R + D + i projects and technological services, providing rigor, coherence and traceability at the operational level, with a main focus on the satisfaction of interested parties.


IDONIAL Foundation has laboratories, equipment and highly qualified personnel to carry out material tests and calibrations, which has been recognized by ENAC according to the ISO 17025 standard "General requirements for the competence of laboratories of testing and calibration "for:

Testing Laboratory accredited by ENAC with Accreditation nº 60 / LE154: Testing of materials in the industrial sector: physical testing and chemical analysis for metallic and non-metallic materials.

Calibration Laboratory accredited by ENAC with Accreditation nº 86 / LC10058: Calibrations: temperature and humidity, pressure and vacuum, DC electricity and low frequency, dimensional, mass, acoustic and ultrasound.

IDONIAL Foundation is an Inspection Entity accredited by ENAC with accreditation nº 396 / EI 693 by the ISO 17020 standard "Conformity assessment. Requirements for the operation of different types of bodies that carry out the inspection", for the performance of activities of State Metrological Control (phase of instruments in service).