Refractories, ceramics and raw materials


IDONIAL's specialties in the field of Refractory materials cover both shaped and non-shaped, dense or insulating Refractories. The improvement of refractory materials and their raw materials, usually minerals, is investigated and developed, being a technological reference center in this field in Europe.

Shaped refractories

Shaped refractories are materials used in the construction and lining of industrial vessels that operate at very high temperatures ( >1000 °C). They are pieces with a standardized form: bricks, wedges, or special pieces. mouldable, etc. ).

Activity Lines:

  • Thermo-mechanical and physical-chemical characterization.
  • Post-mortem studies.
  • Design of formulations.
  • Conditioning and treatment of raw materials: aggregates, fines and binders.
  • Formed "semi-dry" and "wet" by uniaxial or isostatic press, extrusion and injection.
  • Design and evaluation of heat treatments: drying, tempering and sintering.
  • Machining of shaped parts.
  • Design and modeling of refractory parts and coatings.
  • Development of R&D&i projects.
Unshaped refractories

Unshaped products are an alternative and a complement for conforming materials in the execution of the refractory linings. Include different materials: concrete, cement, masses, mastics, mortars, paints, etc.

Non-conformed refractories acquire greater industrial importance every day and their consumption already exceeds that of conformed refractories.

Activity Lines:

  • Full thermo-mechanical and chemical-physical characterization.
  • Post-mortem studies.
  • Design of formulations.
  • Study of rheological behavior.
  • Design of concrete drying curves.
  • Development of R&D&i projects.

Cluster of Refractories of Asturias A.I.E.

The Area coordinates the Cluster of Refractories of Asturias A.I.E. (CRAIE), an Economic Interest Group whose purpose is to promote innovation and technological development of the refractory sector.



We focus on the development of multifunctional materials, which are those current materials that satisfy the requirements demanded, mainly structural ones, but which also have some other kind of critical functionality. For example: Ultra-Hard materials, transparent materials in several spectral ranges, ultra-Stable materials or ultra-Resistant graphite.


Raw Materials

Main activities focus on:

  • Physico-chemical characterisation and mineralogical composition of mineral raw materials.
  • Development of new raw materials for refractories.
  • Recovery of industrial waste as secondary raw materials.
  • Valorisation of industrial and urban waste as energy sources.
  • Mineral waste recovery technologies by concentration and/or separation
  • Recovery Technologies of critical raw materials.
  • Inerting technologies of industrial residues, especially by mineral carbonation.

Research on construction materials is also an activity of the Area of Refractories, Ceramics and Raw Materials.

IDONIAL works with a large number of companies in the construction sector, mainly in fields such as:

  • Design of special concrete formulations.
  • Development of implementation technologies.
  • Full mechanical characterization of precast products.
  • Conditioning and treatment of raw materials: aggregates, cements and additives.
  • Development of R&D&i projects.