2nd call for SEED METABUILDING projects: SMEs, achieve € 5,000 to start an innovative Project

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The 2nd call for SEED METABUILDING projects is open until January 26: financing ("innovation bonds" of up to € 5,000 per project) is provided to SMEs in the construction, digital, additive manufacturing, circular economy or solutions-based sectors. in nature who wish to start or try an innovative project. 


Promote innovation in SMEs through decision support.


The SEED CALL is designed to stimulate innovation in 3 areas: 

  • Analysis of technical, economic and intellectual property aspects before starting an innovation project;
  • Analysis of the technical, economic and intellectual property aspects of an ongoing innovation project;
  • Provide the basis for making the decision to start or continue an innovation project.


The winning SMEs will benefit from "innovation vouchers" of € 5,000, which will allow them to contract services from a panel of structures referred to as "service providers" on the METABUILDING platform:


Legal assistance and patent research.

  • Analysis and technical assistance (technical feasibility report, technical specification document, etc.)
  • Preparation of market studies and business models (development roadmap, market study, business model, etc.)


No cash advance required from SMEs! 

Financing is done upon presentation of the invoice once the service is finished. 


Find all the useful resources to apply for the SEED CALL: 


More information at this link.

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