Second call of the European project L4MS Open

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It is estimated that internal logistics processes originate 50% of total manufacturing costs in SMEs. The new technologies and innovations available allow us to face this challenge, but for this we need an adequate strategy, simulation, investment and training, and many of these companies do not have the necessary resources.


The L4MS (Logistics for Manufacturing SMEs) project, supported by the European Commission, aims to accelerate the automation of the internal logistics of SMEs. It aims to fully digitize logistics automation in factories allowing automation providers to develop and implement logistics solutions 10 times faster and cheaper compared to the current price. L4MS is looking for small and medium-sized manufacturers (SMEs) to implement robotic solutions and other advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtualization in their factories.

For this, L4MS provides a complete virtualization of logistics automation through OPIL (Open Platform for Innovations in Logistics) and a 3D simulator, which makes it possible to reduce costs in the implementation of small and flexible logistics solutions without the need for infrastructure modifications, experience previous or production stops.

L4MS has just opened its second call for manufacturing SMEs, system integrators, software developers, robot manufacturers, digital innovation centers. Closing date: 11/30/2019.

If you are interested in developing new advanced internal logistics and participate in it, see this link:


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