SAM launches European skills strategy roadmap to tackle 3D printring skill-gaps

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The SAM (Sector Skills Strategy in Additive Manufacturing) consortium has published its European Roadmap for Additive Manufacturing to tackle skill gaps across the 3D printing sector.

The EU-funded project is coordinated by the European Welding Federation, of which 3D Printing Industry is a SAM Associated Partner, and in publishing the roadmap has outlined how it intends to address evolving sector needs and challenges to skills development until 2030.

The strategy outlines the critical skills shortage-related challenges currently facing the 3D printing industry, referred to by SAM as ‘gap drivers,’ and proposes several strategic objectives and initiatives to address these obstacles. 

SAM’s strategy is informed by two survey-led research phases, aimed at both industry professionals and 3D printing firms, that identified current and future skill gaps in the industry’s workforce.

More information here.

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