Idonial participates in the development of a task and trajectory planning system for autonomous vehicles in forest environments

Within the framework of the DIANA project, within the framework of the European project DIH World, IDONIAL and the company SVMAC Ingeniería Sistemas y Vehículos S.L., develop a trajectory generation system that will plan the movement of a robotic vehicle.

This system will be able to consider the possible sources of external disturbances such as the appearance of fixed and mobile obstacles, the unexpected sliding of the vehicle due to the inclination and/or slippery state of the terrain or the loss of support of the vehicle.

The DIANA experiment aims to take the robotic vehicle, previously developed by SVMAC, to the next level by incorporating digital technologies for its autonomous navigation in forest environments. Specifically, the experiment will take into account the forest areas where the robot carries out important activities such as clearing and maintenance, in order to optimize the vehicle's trajectories in task planning. The main challenge of the project is to achieve the automation of tasks in complex and/or remote environments, being able to move autonomously, safely and reliably, while reducing decision times.

The consortium also addresses the challenge of integrating artificial intelligence techniques and tools to solve modeling, task planning, and execution control problems in critical systems that operate in complex environments.

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