Idonial is a member of the public-private alliance for the development of devices against Covid 19

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The Ministry of Science, Innovation and University of the Government of Asturias coordinates a public-private alliance to create equipment and devices for individual protection that can contribute to dealing with the health crisis caused by COVID-19.

Through this alliance, integrated within the private sector by ArcelorMittal, thyssenkrupp Elevator Innovation Center and the IDONIAL technology center, efforts are coordinated to help cover, in the most efficient way possible, the demand for material by the health sector and others collectives, both from Asturias and the rest of the country.

Our goal is to organize production at all levels, from suppliers to manufacturers and the logistics network The initiative arises from the know-how in design, engineering and additive manufacturing present in the region, joining efforts and pooling its R&D resources in these fields to tackle the following lines of work:

• Individual protection equipment (protective screens and glasses)

• CPAP (helmets to apply pressure to the airways)

• Breathers


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